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Trip to Mukhura waterfall


03 września 2014

One-day trip leading to the pearl of nature

The natural monument with a height of 60-70 m represents a waterfall at 882 m above sea level. It flows from the cave located on the slope of eastern exposure in the form of 3-step waterfall. There is one small and one big lake in the cave. There also flows a pristine river in the cave, which the locals refer to as "Tskalmechkheri" (shallow water). The banks of the waterfall is covered in mixed broadleaf forest. The waterfall creates an astounding landscape. The place is home to many endemic species, such as: Caucasian mole, and Rade, Volnukhin, and Caucasian water shrew. The place is home to 10 kinds of bats. 

We recommend you to take a light foot trip directly from the Tkibuli centre, through the hills, being all the time surrounded by the stunning landscapes, up to the Mukhura waterfall, which is located just next to the main road - you cannot miss it.