The name Tkibuli was first mentioned in historical documents from the 13th century. There are signs of human habitation from ancient times (for example in the Magara Caves).

Facts about the region

Tkibuli is situated in Imereti, Western Georgia, between Kutaisi and the Racha Mountains. It consists of 45 villages, 9 villages communities and the town of Tkibuli.




09 lutego 2012

Take some rest in the surroundings of numerous waterfalls like these in Mukhura and Dzmuisi

There are two interesting watherfalls in villages Mukhura and Dzevri. 

Waterfall in Mukhura

The natural monument with a height of 60-70 m represents a waterfall at 882 m above sea level. It flows from the cave located on the slope of eastern exposure in the form of 3-step waterfall. There is one small and one big lake in the cave. There also flows a pristine river in the cave, which the locals refer to as "Tskalmechkheri" (shallow water). The banks of the waterfall is covered in mixed broadleaf forest. The waterfall creates an astounding landscape. The place is home to many endemic species, such as : Caucasian mole, and Rade, Volnukhin, and Caucasian water shrew. The place is home to 10 kinds of bats. 

How to get there?

The nearest populated ara is village Mukhura of Tkibuli Municipality, which is connected to the natural monument with a 800 m long road, whereas the distance from Tbilisi to Mukhura is 265 km of paved road. It takes 4 hours 30 minutes to get there by car.