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Food producers


06 lutego 2012

Here you can find basic information about local food producers & manufacturers    

Imeretian gastronomic tradition

The Imeretian cuisine is very diversed. The food characterizing this region is: Imeretian cheese, Khatchapuri, Pelamushi, Mchadi, Lobio and different spinaches. Khatchapuri is a delicious food – cheese rolled in thin flat dough, which is baked either in pan or ketsi. Another is “mchadi” – ball cooked in maize dough, and “phali” – spinach prepared with diffent fours.

Imeretian wine

Imeretian vineyards are built in river valleys. Imereti is mainly popular for its sweet, sparking and European types of wine made from the local rare breeds such as Tsiska, Tsolikauri and Krakhuna. The original rule for preparing wine has been created in Imereti as a result of folk traditions. This kind of wine is light compared to European and is characterized by a pleasant aroma. Inviting a guest here is considered to be an honor. All families have grapes especially prepared for this occasion. Imeretian wine is different for its lightness and pleasant taste. The necessary attribute for making Georgian wine is a large pitcher (it is called churi in Imereti). It often weighs more than a tone and is traditionally "buried" in the ground. Earth keeps the constant temperature of wine, which is necessary for preserving it. Archeologists have found pitchers older than three thousand years on the territory of Georgia.

Tariel Chikaberidze - chestnut and acacia honeys

While visiting Okriba region, we strongly encourage you to try this delicious and particularly healthy sorts of honey, made on the spot thanks to the abundance of chestnut trees around Tkibuli. Visit Tariel in Tchkepi or contact us via email in advance. mob: +995 599 191 606; e-mail:

Nona Bakuradze - natural butter and matsoni


If you want to experience the famous Georgian matsoni, contact Nona for the purest taste. Made from locally sourced ingredients, matsoni is a creamy and tangy natural yogurt that can be eaten alone or mixed with other dishes. mob: 995 571 700 248; email:

Eliso Tsirekidze - dried fruits, jams and tea


Relax in the cosy Eliso"s home in Satsire, where she prepares all kind of dried fruits (including popular in Georgia dried persimmon)and marmalades. Feel free to come and taste these titbits. Also, you will have the chance to walk among Eliso"s tea plantation and buy natural tea directly from the producer. mob: 995 555 126 957; e-mail: