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The camp of the lifetime – Project Georgia in Poland


05 września 2014

Thanks to a cooperation between TDDF, „Chris Turystyka i Rekreacja” company and Polish Robert Schuman Foundation a group of 6 children from Tkibuli together with one camp leader had a chance to go for a camp to Poland between 22nd and 31st of August 2014

A wide range of attractions was awaiting them, as they had an opportunity to visit Warsaw and spend a week at a youth camp organized in Tarda in Mazury region in the North-East of Poland.

On the first day of their stay, the group visited Warsaw in the company of two EVS volunteers from Schuman Foundation in Warsaw. The volunteers proved great guides, showing the children the most known and the less popular corners of Warsaw, including the old town, Palace of Culture and Science, Wilanow Palace but also the gardens of the Warsaw University Library and Poster Museum. The volunteers were also first culture-guides for young Georgians, telling them about their impressions from life and work in Warsaw.

After an intensive day in the capital, the group headed for the camp, where they were taken great care of by Polish instructors working in camp Tarda. They allowed our group to try all kinds of activities, beginning with water sports, such as windsurfing or sailing, through archery and horse-riding up to cooking activities. Our Tkibulelebi also learnt a bit of the local language and even can sing two songs in Polish after an intensive course provided by the music instructor.

The Georgian group didn’t refrain to using the opportunities provided by the camp though – they were also active contributors, and prepared lessons of Georgian songs and Georgian alphabet, taught Polish kids how to dance Georgian dances, and treated the participants of the camp to delicious badrijani (eggplants with wallnuts), mcvadi (shashlyks) and mchadi (maize pancakes).

The stay in Warsaw and in the camp was a great opportunity for intercultural exchange, as both Georgian and Polish participants of the project learnt a lot about the other country, its life and culture. Meeting between the kids, and their happy faces is hopefully a sign of success of the „Project Georgia”. After all, what better way to open your mind than to travel and meet other people? We’re happy that we could let children from Tkibuli experience that.

As one of the Georgian participants, Nika Gvenetadze, wrote:

I was supposed to write shortly, how I liked the camp, but it is impossible to write shortly about those days which were so fantastic in my life. I’ll try, though. Our stay in Poland was great with it’s equipments, instructors and children. I love water sports, so it was so exciting for me to stay near the lake. Every kind of sports and activities were safe, so I felt comfortable and it was very important for me. The instructors were great in their jobs, they were very kind to us, and they were very cheerful, helpful and were great hosts for us. I can tell the same about children. I hope all of them will stay our good friends in future.

The second part of “Project Georgia” was a visit of Polish group to Georgia, and in particular – to Tkibuli region. You will have a chance to read a relation from the Polish visit to Georgia in a couple of days.

We would like to thank the organizers of the project: “Chris Turystyka i Rekreacja” company, Mr Krzysztof Gutkowski and Ms Agnieszka Kazimierczak, individual sponsors and Polish Robert Schuman Foundation for the idea and for all the support they provided to the event.