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Tkibuli Youth for a Brighter Future


15 kwietnia 2014

A series of employability trainings for 15 socially vulnerable youth was conducted by local NGO  - Tkibuli District Development Fund (TDDF)

Topics included: CV Writing, Business Planning, Migration, Computer Classes and Leadership. The CV classes taught youth, via individualized instruction, how to properly display their activities and accomplishments, including volunteering. Participants were able to learn the basics of business planning, an increasingly important aspect to job identification and obtainment. Two full months of comprehensive computer classes provided youth the opportunity to learn about internet searching for jobs as well as critical software skills. The goal was to help youth develop employability skills and be more prepared for the job market. Participants have learned how to market themselves with improved verbal skills, as well as gain practical experience. The overall community impact is a more professional and active workforce in Tkibuli.